Be Prepared

love hotel, MF, Japanese erotica, one night affair“Do you have a condom?” Kumiko asked breathlessly.

She couldn’t wait any longer for him.  The magnitude of this moment had been welling up inside her, and now she wanted more than anything to be with him.

“Ahh, no.”

Well, that is a bit anticlimactic.  What guy doesn’t have condoms on him?

“Doshite? Why not?” She said, making a poor attempt at hiding her frustration.

“I don’t know where to buy them.” Julian said in his thick French accent giving her a puppy dog look of helplessness.

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Bad Thoughts

fucking in the back of a limo, limo sex, porn star“You might be worth my time.” Yuna thought to herself as she eyed the new guy sitting across from her in the limo.  She always had an itch to scratch before these appearances.

He sat a bit uncomfortably, not sure of himself.  Her assistant always hired big, almost massive black guys for these jobs.  There was nothing more intimidating to a Japanese otaku, then a big black dude.  Sometimes racism worked in one’s advantage.

This one didn’t seem to be the typical giddy, fresh-off-the-boat type that she sometimes got.  But he wasn’t overconfident either, on the contrary, he was obviously uncomfortable in this tight space.
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Upon being Introduced to the Boss’s Wife

high-rise, cuckold, erotica, Japanese sex, male and female, gonzo
“I’d like you to fuck my wife.” Mr. Sato said in a calm voice.

Dave quickly glanced over at his boss’s wife who was looking at him slyly with her big eyes.  She had just taken a small bite of her black forest cake and was slowly chewing it.

“Huh?” he said.  He’d obviously misunderstood.  He had just joined the company a few months ago, and this was his first time to dinner at his boss’s 45th floor condo overlooking the city; it’s floor to ceiling picture windows gave off an impression that they were floating above the nightscape.

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Long Story Short

big dick and Japanese girl erotica“So, we got this new roomy, right?” Momoko started off.

“Yeah.” Kiyoe said.  Here she goes again on another hissy fit about a girl she can’t stand.  

Kiyoe had known Momoko for quite sometime, and knew she had a penchant for complaining.  She just couldn’t help herself.

“So, Hitomi, that’s the new roomy’s name, starts off by laying down all these rules, like she has to go to bed at certain time so everyone needs to be quiet, etc.. so forth and so on.”

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